East Side Gallery

By: Steven Wright

I remember watching TV in 1989 and watching U2 performing on top of the Berlin Wall right at the Brandenburg Gate. While as a child of the 70’s I knew I was watching something important, but did not comprehend the significance of what I was witnessing.

Years later I ventured to Berlin and wanted to understand a bit of what I witnessed in 1989. In today’s Berlin you can see sections of the Wall scattered across the city but the highlight for me is the East Side Gallery, a 1.2 km section of the wall that is still intact.

The East Side Gallery is a constantly evolving work of art; over the years I have visited the wall on 3 separate occasions and have never been disappointed. The first thing that you see is the beauty of all the colours drawing you towards, as you approach the next thing that strikes you is the overwhelming size both in height and length, as you stand beside it, you realize just how intrusive this structure is and find yourself contemplating how you would possibly scale it.

Then you are drawn in by artist’s expressions from around the world, murals painted on sections of the wall, in brilliant colours, of shared experiences and hope for the future. The juxtaposition between this dominating, imposing structure and the beauty expressed on this industrial canvas is definitely not to be missed. Over time murals become layered with graffiti tags and tourists’ marking their visit to the East Side Gallery. Every few years the murals are repaired and replaced in its continual evolution.

There is a unique gift shop at the end of the tour, offering everything from “official pieces of the wall” and other tourist souvenirs.

Picture Gallery:
Click Here to view the Flickr Gallery

Take the S Bahn to Ostbahnhof and walk the entire East Side Gallery to S&U Bahn Warschauer Strasse
Cost: FREE

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