Outlet City Metzingen

We all have done it, crossing the border to get great deals from a factory outlet, generally a large industrial strip mall and parking lot surrounded by more of the same. Little thought is given to the pedestrian experience, and it is actually more convenient to move your car from store to store than walk from one end to the other.

Upon my first arrival on European soil, extended German family greeted me at the Stuttgart airport. I was coming to Germany for my cousin’s wedding and was not only excited for the happy couple but for my first European adventure. After the overnight flight all I wanted to do was roll up and nap but was told that something exciting was just a short drive away and (kind of) on the way to the family home.

Only 30 minutes from Stuttgart lies Metzingen, a quaint little town where fashion mega brand Hugo Boss was founded, headquartered and the location of the very first Hugo Boss outlet store.  The store is like a labyrinth, not the IKEA type where you must follow the path to find the exit, but a place where around every corner is a new discovery and room upon room of Boss designs for the entire family. I found myself in a room filled with suits and samples, in a plethora of patterns and prints including floral, stripes and every colour of the rainbow, neatly displayed on two racks, one over the other surrounding the entire room. I left with a ¾ length winter jacket for 150 Euro that was $1150 in Canada. Ask for tax exemption at the cash if you are from out of country.

The success of the Hugo Boss outlet lead to Outlet City Metzingen, what I now like to consider cross-border shopping. First off, yes there is a parking lot, but when you park your car or get off the shuttle (every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from Stuttgart), you discover a truly pedestrian experience. Wide tree lined walkways, over 80 outlet stores and restaurants, all designed to blend into its small German town surroundings, with deals not to be missed.


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